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Prosperous cities need educated citizens to fuel their economic engines and social agendas. Unfortunately, most students coming out of HigherEd today lack the employable skills and relevant experience to be productive and, therefore, are not being hired; for those that do have the right skills and experience, there is no way for organizations to distinguish them in the tsunami of generic, embellished resumes that are submitted for every job description. Companies need a better system to find the right talent in order to remain competitive.

Riipen is a web-based platform that enables HigherEd institutions to provide meaningful experiential, project-based learning at scale. Our match-making, case-based learning algorithms allow any organization to identify and engage with talent early on and throughout the students’ education, making sure they have employable skills necessary to be successful in their industry.




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Riipen leverages the work that post-secondary students are already doing in school by recognizing the industry value that is being created in many of their assignments, cases, and capstone projects. In the current system, only academic value is being recognized for the work being done so we are not realizing the full potential. This system is broken. It has lead to an era of the HIGHEST graduate underemployment rates, the WIDEST skills gap, and the LARGEST employee turnover rates IN HISTORY!!

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