Meet Liam Guy

What is your favorite flavor of chips?

Kettle Brand Honey Dijon


What is your role at Riipen?

Senior Industry Sales Manager


What does your role focus on?

I educate companies and organizations on the benefits of collaborating with students and help them get signed up and connected. I also work closely with the rest of our industry sales team to support their shifting needs as we continually improve our sales processes.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The scent of coffee wafting into the bedroom. Speaking of coffee… did anyone put a pot on?


What’s a book you love, a quote, or something you think everyone should listen to or know?

Anything by Cormac McCarthy. Great author. Get on it!


In your words, what’s the best part of working at Riipen?

Working with a group that is passionate about continual improvement, both personally as individuals and as a company. You never watch the clock when you’re eager to accomplish as much as possible during the day.


What’s your best piece of advice to a student?

Nobody is paying as much attention to what you do, say or look like as you are. Stop worrying about what other students think and live the most out of every day because it goes quick.