Round Up: ACCES Employment

ACCES Employment provides bridging programs in partnership with academic institutions like Sheridan College and Ryerson University, which give new immigrants to the Toronto area localized skills training and professional development opportunities. ACCES introduced an experiential learning component to their courses in February 2018, by partnering with Riipen.

Through this initiative, students are able to gain local experience and get their foot in the door of the Canadian labour market. Over the duration of their ACCES program, they learn useful cultural context, industry skills specific to the local market and now receive verified feedback from a Canadian employer. At the end of the experience, students receive a skill rating and recommendation from a partnering employer, which forms part of their online Riipen portfolio.

ACCES Employment Riipen EL Stats 2018

In the first implementation, students in the Sales and Marketing program put together a marketing, targeting and pricing strategy for a technology company developing a brand new software solution. Working in teams with their peers, they researched the Canadian and US markets to provide insights into the industry partner that they could apply in the launch of their new product.

With new graduates, a lack of experience can often be the barrier to gaining experience. Similarly, new immigrants often find a lack of Canadian work experience as a primary barrier to finding work in Canada. ACCES and Riipen aim to address this paradox through this partnership, rolling out experiential learning projects across the bridging program core areas of Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance and IT Management. More exciting updates on ACCES to come in 2019!

Round Up: McMaster Centre for Continuing Education

McMaster CCE launched their first two experiential learning assignments on Riipen in October 2017. Since then, we’ve expanded to ten more classes and have broadened the scope from Human Resource Management to Marketing. By the end of 2018, more than 800 students will have taken on an industry research project in their area of study through this partnership.

One of the first assignments had a group of Continuing Education students creating an employee handbook for the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. The students received feedback directly from President Steve Horvath who commended the students for their excellent work and their inclusion of emerging workplace issues.

In an Organizational Behaviour class in Winter 2018, students developed an onboarding plan for new managers joining the YWCA Hamilton. They applied their professional experience, in-class teaching and lived experience to develop 90-day onboarding plans for the partner to use when bringing on new hires in the future.

McMaster CCE has included these experiential learning assignments in both online and offline courses. They’ve embodied Riipen’s philosophy that experiential learning can be embedded in any course, for any type of learner.

“McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education is very excited about its partnership with Riipen. The opportunity to provide professional learners the chance to work with industry partners on authentic initiatives is the unique value of this collaboration. Our students are benefitting not only from McMaster’s longstanding commitment to program excellence but also the experiential learning and other benefits made possible through Riipen.” – Dr. Lorraine Carter, Director, Centre for Continuing Education @ McMaster University