Lakehead University partnered with Riipen to extend an opportunity to educators who want to benefit from a technology tool that facilitates the integration of experiential learning opportunities into classes and programs. 

Riipen is a collaboration platform for experiential learning between post-secondary institutions, educators, industry partners and students. The platform allows all parties in its ecosystem to co-create, manage, assess and report on meaningful experiential learning opportunities efficiently and effectively.


Riipen AdvantagesHow it works

  1. Riipen works with educators and employers to develop projects for in-class experiences or public competitions. 
  2. Using Riipen's recommendation engine, educators and employers are matched based on individual needs. 
  3. Students and graduates are matched to employers on in-class experiences or public competitions.
  4. Parties collaborate on the project, create a meaningful interaction, and produce valuable data for all involved.


Platform Highlights

Course Portal-1
  • In-Class Project Templates & Examples
  • Open Marketplace for Educators & Employers
  • Educator & Employer Matching Recommendation Engine
  • Easy to Use Project Management Tools & Notification System
  • Riipen Employer-Verified Students Skills Registry


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For more information and to check out the platform, visit the Riipen website.


Riipen Appointment Request


Riipen Offices

310-318 Homer St
Vancouver, BC V6B 2V2
102-207 Adelaide St East
Toronto, ON M5A 1M8